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MEMBER – Renewal Form Ed. Provider Renewal FormMembership Renewal

(Terms & Conditions)

Note: For the purposes of the terms and conditions of annual renewals ‘Member’ shall be deemed to include Member, Associate and Education Provider.

  • The FICTA membership year is from 1st January to 31st. of December each year
  • Before the end of each calendar year, all members are asked to provide details of their Secretary and Chair in order to ensure that the renewal documentation is sent to the correct person(s).
  • Membership renewal fees are payable between January 1st and February 28th.
  • Where a member renews at any other period during the year, the full annual membership fee must be paid.
  • If a member has difficulty in renewing by the end of February, they should contact the Membership Secretary who may be able to advise, as FICTA accepts that supporting its members, whatever the difficulty, is a contractual issue.
  • Where the membership fee is not paid at any time during the year in which it is due, membership will cease with the former Member’s name being deleted from the membership listing on the FICTA website. To rejoin FICTA, former members shall be required to apply for membership on the same basis as a new applicant.

Download the forms here:

MEMBER – Renewal Form

Associates Renewal Form

Ed. Provider Renewal Form