Mar 272017

The long-awaited reform of the EU data protection framework which was adopted in April 2016, will commence on 25th. May 2018.

The European Parliament (EP) stressed, in particular, the nature of data protection as a fundamental right, so that ‘the principles and rules on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of their personal data should, whatever the nationality or residence of natural persons, respect their fundamental rights and freedoms’.

CAM Therapists and their associations have certain key responsibilities in relation to the personal information kept on a computer or in a structured manual file. It is subject to eight “Rules” which must followed.

In respect of the ‘right to be forgotten’ rule, FICTA has already begun the process of contacting member association’s Delegates which have not been processed (used) since 2010. Its emailed message asked recipients to reply to either “Deny” or “Consent” to FICTA retaining the following personal data (contact details).

1. Your name and email address?

2. Your postal address?

3. Your phone numbers (mobile and/or landline)?

In response to a reply of Deny to one or more of the 3 options above, FICTA will erase all said data from its files, unless there is a justified reason for keeping it.

Be assured that whatever is Consented to, will be retained in accordance with the provision of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Posted 03/03/2018