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Choosing a Complementary Therapist

The organisations listed here can give you names of qualified and registered therapists who conform to a Code of Ethics and Standards of Best Practice. Consumers can be assured of the adequate training level and qualifications of a complementary therapist who is a member of a professional body.

        Directory of FICTA Members   

amatsulogo1 AAI –  Amatsu Association of Ireland.    

Amatsu is a unique pain relief and body alignment therapy which has its roots in ancient Japanese medicine. The Amatsu practitioner is trained to address the root cause of the problem, from back-pain to digestive issues and headaches, not simple to ease your symptoms

abtibanner2 ABTI – Accredited Bowen Therapists of Ireland.

The Bowen technique is a gentle hands-on holistic method of activating healing within the body.  It addresses the body as a whole by embracing the physical, physiological and emotional aspects of the person. The technique consists of a series of gentle moves applied to various points on the body.

ASKlogobanner ASK – Association of Systematic Kinesiology in Ireland.

Bio Energy logo flat layerBETA – Bioenergy Therapists Association.

 BTTI – Bio Testing and Therapy International.    

hoppks1 IRH – Irish Register of Herbalists.  

kailogo KAI – Kinesiology Association of Ireland.

 RFI – Reiki Federation Ireland.  

ICH – Institute of Complex Homeopathy

 Secretary: Isolde Byrne <>

Schools: Education and Training Course Providers.

  SHEN Therapy Training Ireland (STTI)

4223538   Irish International School of Sports Massage(IISSM)

appication-form-button  Oisin School of Bioenergy (OSB)

BETTI logo  Bio Energy Therapy Training Ireland (BETTI) 

Luminos: Institute of Training and Holistic Education (LITHE)

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